Thank you for supporting our school!

Being a Curtsinger PTA Member has many benefits:

  • Show your support for the teachers and staff of Curtsinger.

  • Have a voice in how the PTA spends its resources and supports projects and programs at Curtsinger.

  • Access the Curtsinger PTA Online Student Directory.

  • Receive perks from the Texas PTA:

Questions about PTA Membership at Curtsinger Elementary School


Who can join PTA? Anyone can join! Parents, grandparents and community members are all able to join the Curtsinger Elementary PTA. 


Who gets the money from PTA dues? For each individual person that joins the PTA, $4.50 is sent to the Texas PTA (who in turn sends some money to the National PTA). The rest of the dues money stays with the Curtsinger PTA. Curtsinger charges $10 for an individual membership and $15 for a family membership (2 people). 


How does Curtsinger Elementary PTA use their portion of the dues? The Curtsinger PTA pays for almost every program that takes place at the school, either at night or during the day. The Dallas Zoo, science programs, Dinosaur George and many others have been able to visit our kids through PTA funding. The PTA also buys all class t-shirts for each child, and supplies teachers with much needed educational aids such as dictionaries and new technology. They provide small monetary support for qualifying students during book fair. The funding for these programs and many other projects comes from PTA dues and fundraisers throughout the year. Please ask Amanda Carter (PTA President) or Principal Borgarello for more information about what the PTA does around Curtsinger.


What are national and state PTA dues used for? The larger PTA organizations use their funds to advocate for students and families during legislative sessions, provide programs and resources that benefit students and communities across Texas, and to train and support local PTA boards. This past November there was a Media Madness seminar at Curtsinger which was provided by the Texas PTA. These programs are available free of charge to any school district in Texas. 


Why join PTA? Why not just donate during Raise Craze or other fundraisers? In terms of our local PTA budget, there isn’t much difference. However, the biggest benefit of joining the PTA is that we provide the state PTA with legislative power.  The Texas PTA is a bipartisan group that supports measures that are in the best interest of all students. Some of the Texas PTA priorities have been preserving recess and physical eduction during school hours and making sure that school funding is approached fairly and responsibly. The larger the Texas PTA membership, the more influence it will have and the better it will be able to advocate for students and schools during legislative sessions. In addition if the city of Frisco is well-represented within the Texas PTA membership, this ensures that issues that affect our city will be taken seriously by the Texas PTA and Texas Legislature. 


There are also great perks for individual PTA members, such as discounts at Costco, La Quinta, Great Wolf Lodge (30% off!), and many other businesses. Go to the following website to read about and access your member benefits:


Finally, the Curtsinger PTA provides an online Member Directory for all members. 


What is the difference between PTA membership dues and class dues? PTA membership dues are distributed to both Curtsinger and the Texas PTA. Class dues are collected by Curtsinger PTA and are used to pay for parties throughout the year (December, February and May). Class dues that are collected are only used for the food, games, crafts and other supplies for parties and not for any other purpose during the school year. Most grades collect $15 per student, but 5th grade collects $50 because they have more special events throughout the year such as Colonial Days and the end of year field trip in addition to their class parties. Class dues also pay for a special 5th grade class shirt.  




If you need assistance joining PTA - please contact