Here's what's happening at Curtsinger:

Talent Unlimited – What’s Your Passion?

Come and Watch our Talented Tiny Titans!

Day Time Show: Wednesday, May 23rd 8:15-10:30am

Act 1 8:15-9:15am

Act 2 9:30-10:30am

Evening Show: Thursday, May 24th 6:30-8:30pm

Act 1 6:30-7:15pm

Act 2 7:30-8:30pm

*****PARENTS- VERY IMPORTANT! Please put all music accompaniment on a CD and test it on a CD player.  If you do not have a CD player, please have your student test the CD after school with Mrs. Dominguez.  We can use your phone, BUT the sound is very poor through the mic and if you get a text or call it will throw off your student’s performance!  Let’s use phones as a fall back plan!*****

Dress Rehearsal for the Day Time Show is Tuesday May 22nd 3-6:30pm

Dress rehearsal for the Evening Show is Wednesday May 23rd 3-6:30pm

(Please wear your costumes for dress rehearsal)


Each Act is an hour long, so out of respect for each student artist, please stay for the entire act. There will be an intermission for audience turnover.


Show Order will be posted on the walls of the theatre and is listed below. Parents and Students, please keep track of the number we are on, in preparation for your event. Our emcee will be announcing the acts 2-3 at a time to help guide the students to the back of the stage for a fantastic show flow! 


              Lego Artist Showcase!


First Time Ever! Our Students will showcase their amazing Lego Creations!

Presentations will be displayed as our audience enters and walks towards the Curtsinger theatre.  Reminders:

-The builder must be able to carry the sculpture into the school on their own on the day of the Talent Show, May 23rd.  We are not putting a size limit on the sculptures, but the builder must be able to carry themselves into the staging area.

-Please understand that there is a significant risk in bringing the sculptures to the school and the PTO/Curtsinger takes no liability in sculptures being damaged or stolen.

-Each builder is to create a “label” that will be displayed on the table in front of each sculpture.  Information to be added to the label: Name of builder, title of sculpture, how many LEGO pieces does it contain.

-NO inappropriate sculptures allowed.



Questions?? (beyond show order…as the show order will not change.)

 Congrats to Ms. Harrington and Ms. Patterson on receiving their lifetime membership to PTA. We love our teachers! 

Our reconciliation committee have been nominated:

Kristin Frie

Kristi Murrey

Amands Reede

Alternate: Magy Morton

Thank you for your help ladies!